Newsletter September 2015
01 Oct 2015

Autumn Term 2015

Our autumn term is a very busy term with quite a few meetings for parents to attend which you may not all have been able to, so I hope to give the highlights and where to find information that you need. The ‘Supporting Your Child’ meetings gave parents an overview of the curriculum content, changes and challenges year group by year group. All parents will receive information on the basics per year group via their child next week. The handouts will cover the content/expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths and Grammar terminology. Further information can be found on the government website . The basic changes are that we are moving to a year group specific curriculum with national expectations per year. Parents will continue to be informed about how far their child is meeting these national year group expectations and as always how you can support your child in their next learning steps.  Information on the curriculum at Petts Hill can be found on the schools website .

For parents that have had children go through Petts Hill previously please be aware that the new curriculum is different and more demanding of what is expected of children at each age group. However do not worry we will keep you informed as to where your child is through our parent meetings and end of year reports. The next set of meeting will be at the end of this half term.

To support your child’s learning your child should have received their unique log on which will enable them to access the London Grid for Learning (LGFL) and Espresso at home. Both these web-based resources are paid for by the school and will enable you to find out more about what children are learning and how you can get involved. A further resource that you may also be interested in is the Oxford Reading Tree website where you can access up to 250 online e-books.

Star of the Week

We will be continuing to celebrate when children are especially kind and thoughtful or work particularly hard at something at Petts Hill. Last year many children counted it as their proudest moment when they came into assembly to be named as ‘Star of the Week'. Each class is going to make nominations of a child who has excelled that week and they will be nominated as the ‘Star of the Week’ for that class. Each class has a board outside their room celebrating their ‘Star of the Week’. Special rosette stickers have been made to be awarded to the child to wear. Ask your child who their class’s star was this week and why.

Important - contact details

At the being of the new school year we like to check that we are up-to-date with everyone’s current contact details and information. On Wednesday 30th September when this newsletter is released we will also send out a text alert. If you do not receive this we do not have your latest contact details.  It is vitally important that we are able to contact all parents in case of an emergency. Please contact the school office immediately on Thursday 1st October if you have not received the text alert.

Please remember that the school monthly diary has a collation of all the main school events that are going on for all year groups. Please keep it somewhere handy so you can keep up-to-date with what is happening and also when there is a change such as no afterschool clubs when another after school event is being run.

If you would like to receive newsletters and calendars electronically please email us at 

International Evening

An enormous thank you to everyone that contributed to making our international event such a memorable occasion. A special thank you to
those of you that brought food to share so generously and to the children that performed. It was a lovely community event. I hope that those of you who were able to attend were able to talk to other parents that maybe you have not had an opportunity to talk to before. I’ve already been asked about holding it again next year!

Speech and Language Therapist

Many of you will be aware that it is really difficult to receive support with children’s speech and language development and yet it can be an area that is really holding back their development. Because of this issue we have decided to buy in the services of a speech and language therapist, from the health service, for one day a week for a second academic year.

We have a new therapist this year called Caroline Bowe. She will work as a member of the Petts Hill staff team every Tuesday. Her key role will be to support us in developing children’s language. As a member of staff she may work with any child in the school either individually or in small groups. She will be able to meet and support parents that have concerns with their child’s speech. If for any reason you do not want your child to be seen by the speech therapist please let me know. Obviously if we have concerns about your child’s speech development we will discuss the issue with you and let you know what action we are taking and how we will support their language development.

Having a resident therapist has supported the school in attaining our Talk Friendly School Status that we achieved last year and is of benefit to language development for all children.

Petts Hill School Staff

The latest list with the names of all Petts Hill staff, and where you might find them in school, is published on the Information Page, Staff page of our website.

The Place2Be

Just to remind you about the work that the Place2Be does at Petts Hill. The Place2Be is a charity that works in primary schools and gives children a place where they can express their feelings through talking, creative work and play.

From September 2009, The Place2Be has been offering their services to pupils at Petts Hill. We have a school project manager called Nicky Sutton. Nicky works on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning each week.

The Place2Talk – a lunchtime drop-in service which is open to all children every Wednesday and Thursday started up last week. Here, children can make an appointment to talk to Nicky about friendships, concerns or any worries they may have. This has been a very popular service and children can attend by themselves or with a friend.

Parental Consent: Unnless we hear otherwise from you, the school and the Place2Be assumes that all children have their parent/carers permission to come to the Place2Talk at lunchtime.  If you do not want your child to participate in this please ask the school office for a slip to fill in. If you would like to find out more about the service please contact Nicky Sutton on 07535208762 or through the school office to discuss the matter further.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs every day from 8.00 am until the gates open at 8.40 am. It costs £1 a day and places must be booked the day before via the school office. Currently Breakfast Club is often full so please do check before trying to book your child in. Priority will be given to children who attend regularly and book ahead.

After School Club

After School Club is run by Northolt Park Children’s Centre. It provides after school care for school aged children until 5.45pm daily. Children are picked up by qualified staff from Petts Hill and taken to the centre. The children are given a snack and enjoy participating in a range of different activities across the week. They also have a quiet area for children to complete their homework, read or just relax. Outside there is a fantastic new play area suitable for all ages. The club can be booked by phoning 07851169054. The cost of this childcare is £8 per day. The after school club is OFSTED registered.

Important dates for this term.

October – Black History Month

Parent consultation Meetings: There will be an opportunity for parents of children in Reception through to Year 6 to talk to their child’s class teacher about their child’s progress and how to support them in their learning. The teachers will have sign-up sheets outside their rooms from Monday 12th October for you to book appointments.

Friday 23rd  October - Wear it Pink Day: Children can come to school wearing something pink and make a donation to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign fund.

Half –Term Break - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October

November -  Anti Bullying Month

Friday 6th November – School photograph day. All children in the school will be photographed individually and if they have other siblings in school they will also have a picture taken all together.

Friday 18th December – Last Day of Term

Class assemblies:

Classes 1 to 6 will all deliver a class assembly this term to the school and their parents and friends.

  • Friday 2nd October   Year 6
  • Friday 9th October   Year 5
  • Friday 16th October Year 4
  • Friday 6th November Year 3
  • Friday 13th November  Year 1
  • Friday 27th November  Year 2

All assemblies will start at 9.15 am.

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