Petts Hill Primary School

Petts Hill
Primary School


Position/class Teacher Linked Teaching assistant/NNEB
DSL, Maths, Assessment

Miss V Upton
Deputy Headteacher
English, Maths
Mrs K Flewitt
Year 6
French, Writing
Mrs S Topliss

Mrs O Augustine

Mr J Howse

Miss J Powar

Year 5
Upper Team Leader
Mrs N Hurley Mrs D Marra
Year 4 Mrs A Paisley Mrs S Saunders
Year 3
Science, School Visit Coordinator
Mrs N Shah-Onwukwe

Mrs S Layton

Mr G Perring

Year 2
History and Geography
Mrs L Hudson

Miss R O’Reilly

Mrs K Sharma /Ms D Mather Mon-Wed/Wed/Fri

Miss L Savage

Year 1
Religious Education
Miss M Ansari Mrs J Clement
Early Years
Mrs J Grant

First Aid

Mr A Awoonor


Mrs S Chioran

Mrs E Clements

Miss J Chapman – NNEBS

Support Teachers – non class based

Ms M Makins
Lower Team Leader& SENCO

Ms S Walsh - (maternity Leave) – 3 days Tues, Wed & Thurs
Covered by Miss G Bennett

Mr C Redford
PE coordinator& PPA cover

Mrs S Ryan - Music
Wed am/Thurs pm

Sports Apprentice
Mr D Gadd

Non Class based support staff
Administrator Mrs L Flynn-Caughey  – office
Teacher admin assistant Mrs P O’Connor
Teaching Assistants working across the school Mrs E Langton,
Parent Support Advisor Mrs C Bovell
ICT Technician Miss A Gleeson
Place2be school coordinator Gwendolyn Rowlands

 Caretaker - Relief

Mr D Moss




  Miss M Vidal     Mrs J Lukeman     Mrs Z Nutall  
School Meal Supervisory Assistants
Senior- Miss J Thaxter

Mrs F Choudury

Hilary Ward Miss K Allan
Jackie Lukeman Mrs S Thompson Mrs L Farr
Breakfast Club Mrs F Bourjerdi Mrs S Layton