Newsletter October 2015
16 Oct 2015

Parents meetings

Tuesday 20th 3.45 – 5.30 or Thursday 22nd October 4.30 – 7.00.

If you have not already made an appointment to see your child’s teacher please contact the class teacher to make an appointment.

Parent – teacher meetings play an important role in keeping school and home up-to-date as to how your child is progressing and a time where you can let us know how things are going from your point of view. We encourage parents to try and bring children with them as the children should already know what the teacher is going to be saying to you and it is their learning that is under discussion. Ten minutes is allocated for each appointment. Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. If you turn up late your appointment may need to be cut short and if you miss your time you may need to reschedule for another time.  Following some feedback from some parents I shall be trying a tighter system of keeping the appointments to time. If for any reason you find you need longer please arrange with the class teacher to see them again at another time.

At parents evening you will have the opportunity to look at some of your child’s work so far and the teacher will have new learning targets for them to focus on. Any issues with homework will also be discussed.

Refreshments will be available in the school hall and there will be a selection of displays showing some of our current focus areas of work. There will also be an opportunity for you to experience some New Age Curling. This was a great success last year.

If you would like to receive newsletters and calendars electronically please email us at  

Do you have an email address?

In our September newsletter we reminded parents to check that we had the most up-to-date contact details for all parents. We have been thinking about ways to communicate more efficiently with parents in the 21st Century. We are aware that many schools have moved to paperless communication and have turned our thinking towards trying to reduce our paper output to parents! The school text alerts are used for short specific reminders and we intend that system to continue. We would however like to send more material by email. For this to happen we need to start collecting parent email addresses. If you have an email address that you are happy for us to send information to please email the school office at .

Ealing’s School Safety Alert System.

In Ealing we have a school alert system where by any member of staff or parent can report an incident that they are worried about to a school. The information is passed to other schools to make them aware and judge how to keep their children safe. If you ever notice anyone or thing suspicious when you drop off or pick up your child then please let the school office know.

Petts Hill’s school website

Did you know you can find out about Petts Hill’s curriculum and what is taught in each year group via our school website? Because of changes in education we are continually making changes and adaptions to information on the website. The next set of updates will happen after half term. You can also always see the current school diary and newsletter as well as looking back to check that you have not missed any news.

Health & Well-being

At Petts Hill we work hard to help children stay healthy and happy as they grow up.  In this context we realise what happens at school every day is really important. In looking at data from both Ealing and national we have seen that there has been an issue in recent years of children not staying health in regards to dental health. As an adult I have also become aware that the advice they are giving out now to schools is different to what has been our practice in the past. So all children have had a visit from a dental nurse who has taught then about dental hygiene and how to avoid painful trips to the dentist. Following on from this we have decided to offer all children the opportunity to clean their teeth in school every day. Each child will have their own tooth brush and fluoride tooth paste will be provided. If for any reason you do not want your child to take part in this project please let us know via the school office or talk to Ms Makins at parents evening where she will have an information table about the project and its aims. The teeth brushing programme will start for all children on Monday 2nd November unless you contact the school office.

Sugary drinks are now known to be one of the most important factors in causing tooth decay. All children that have a school meal are automatically given fresh water to drink daily as well as it being available around the school during the day. We shall be contacting parents of children that have packed lunches to encourage them to support this piece of work and not provide a sugary drink as part of the packed lunch.

The benefits go beyond health.  We know that when children are healthy and happy at school, they can achieve more. This is why as a school we continue to prioritise children’s health and well-being through our work on behaviour for learning, various sports and well-being activities, our PSHE curriculum and the work we do towards achieving our London Schools Healthy School status.  We currently have achieved silver and are working towards gold.

The London Schools Healthy Schools Scheme is sponsored by the Mayor of London, it recognises and celebrates schools that are making a difference for their pupils.  The scheme helps London’s children to be healthy, happy and achieve.

Dates for your Diary.

Last day of half term - Friday 23rd October & WEAR it PINK: On Friday 23rd October the staff will be supporting ‘Breast Cancer Care’ with fund raising by wearing pink. Children and parents are invited to join in by wearing something pink on Friday and making a donation.

First day of school after half term - Monday 2nd  November

Tooth brushing project start daily – 2nd November

School Photograph Day – Friday 6th November: All children in the school will be photographed individually and with their brothers and sisters who attend school. You will receive a proof copy of the photographs at the end of the school day. If you do not want your child to have their photograph taken please let the school office know.

National Anti- Bullying Week - Monday 16th to Friday 20th  November: Last year we explored the idea of ‘The Power of One’, that one child could make a difference. We will be looking again at the pledge that many of them signed and supporting children to speak out about bullying.&/p>

Last day of term - Friday 18th December.

Black History Month

The theme of Black History Month this year is Black Firsts. In assemblies we have been thinking about the contribution made by such people as: James Peters the first black rugby player to play for England. Dr John Anthony Roberts who was the first person of African ancestry for lots of different titles including becoming a QC which means a member of the Queen’s Council. We realised that he lives not far away from us in Pinner and still may live there. Sislin Fay Allen who was Britain’s first female black officer.

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