Newsletter January 2018
16 Jan 2018

Road Safety

Some of you may be aware that a pupil from Petts Hill was knocked down outside school on Friday. The child is fine, but it is a timely reminder for us all to think about road safety.

How you can help your child and other children?

  • Set a good example. Use the Green Cross Code yourself.
  • With young children, hold their hand to cross the road at all times.
  • Show your child how to use the Code to cross the road when you’re out and about.
  • Let your child show you that they know how to cross the road safely – start practising on quiet roads first.
  • Point out dangerous places to cross on local roads. Point out safer places as well. Some places may be safer at some times of the day than at others.
  • Use pedestrian crossings even if it involves a small detour.
  • • Talk about the importance of not using a mobile phone or texting while crossing the road.

As drivers we also need to think about road safety issues. The speed limit outside school is 20 miles an hour. When you park, please don’t park in dangerous places because it reduces the safe places for pedestrians to cross. Make sure you have child locks on your car and never let the children get out of the car into the road.

All day, every day!

Congratulations to the following pupils, who achieved 100% attendance for the autumn term:

Year 1- Akid, Olta, Amelia, Sajaani, Enry; Year 2 - Ridwan, Ahmed, Erion, Ademini, Year 3 - Hamza, Nemat, Swapnil, Nehemiah; Year 4 – Rizwan, Malaak, Sneha, Donovan, Neyo Rawda, Abdurahim, Lakshman, Parshant, Sumichha, Thajinthan, Aalesh, Ariana; Year 5 – Sameer, Satnam, Szymon, Ryane, Shoaib, Malika; Year 6 - Samira, Imran, Tatiana, Maahi, Aman, Ibrahim, Jake, Leila, Nabaa, Abdi, Priya, Kavitha, Jessica, Faysal, Jash.

Thank you to all the parents of these children that made this excellent level of attendance happen.

Ofsted made making parents aware of their child’s attendance rate a key issue as children that do not have good attendance do not do as well in their learning. Our target attendance rate is now 96+%.

Parents’ coffee morning

Gwendolyn, our Place2Be project manager, and Ms Bovell, our Parent Support Advisor, are continuing to run coffee mornings for parents this term. Parents that attended commented on how helpful it was to talk to other parents and discovered they had similar issues and could help each other by sharing ideas. The topics and dates for Coffee Mornings this term are:-

  • Thursday 18th Jan – Siblings
  • Thursday 22nd Feb – Safety
  • Thursday 22nd March – Bedtimes.

 If you are able to come please let the school office know so that Gwendolyn has an idea of numbers.

Times Tables

From 2019 all nine-year-old children (end of year 4) in England are to be tested on their times tables under plans to improve numeracy skills by the government. We are informed that these tables’ tests will be on-line. To help your child learning their times tables we have found this free APP to help then get ahead.

10 Minutes a Day Times Tables This APP is a great one to put on your smart phone. It’s free and encourages your child to spend 10 minutes day practising their times tables in a fun way.

What can you do? Please put it on your phone or tablet and ensure that your child spends at least 10 minutes playing this game. If you want advice as to what times tables your child should practise – speak to your class teacher. It is important that by the end of year 4 all children know their times tables up to x12. We only know them if we can instantly recall them so they need to be quick!

Tip: make sure that the settings on your phone and tablet are child friendly.  Phones allow adult content on them unless you change the settings to make them safe for children.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs every day from 8.00 am until the gates open at 8.40 am. It costs £1.00 a day and places must be booked the day before via the school office.

 Dates for your Diary

Thursday 18th January - Parent Coffee Morning. Topic - siblings

Friday 26th January – Enabling Enterprise Day

Friday 3rd February – NSPCC -Number day: Children are invited to make a contribution to the NSPCC Number Day to Stop Child Cruelty’ campaign and wear a number related costume for the day. During the day all classes will undertake a number challenge!

Tuesday 6th February- Internet Safety Day: ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect - A Better Internet Starts with You’. We will be running two sessions to inform and support parents regarding keeping your child safe on line. 9 – 9.30 and repeated again at 2.45 – 3.15. on Tuesday 6th February- Internet Safety Day.

Parent Consultation Evenings: Tuesday 6th February at 3.45 to 5.30pm or Thursday 8th February at 4.30pm to 7pm 

Friday 9th February – Last day of Half-Term

Monday 19th February - First day of New Half Term

Tuesday 20th February – PARENTS MATHS EVENT 4.30 – 6.00 pm

Friday 2nd March – World Book Day Celebrated in School. All children will be encouraged to think about a character from a story that they could come as and tell us about it.

Thursday 29th March – Last Day of Term

Tuesday 17th April – First Day of Summer Term

Class assemblies
Classes Reception to Year 5 will all deliver a class assembly this term to the school and their parents and friends on the following dates.

  • Friday 9th February  Year 3
  • Friday 23rd February Year 1
  • Friday 2nd March  Year 2 (World Book Day)
  • Friday 9th March  Year 4
  • Friday 16th March  Year 5
  • Thursday 29th March  Reception

All assemblies will start at 9.15 am and parents are welcome.

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