Newsletter December 2015
28 Jan 2016

Holiday Projects

Well done to everyone that completed a holiday project. When we set the task to find out about a winter festival I don’t think we realised how much we would learn ourselves about the wide range of festivals there are and the different ways so many people celebrate them.

Parent’s Evenings

Running alongside our scheduled parents meetings we are also trying out an approach that we currently use in nursery. The class teacher agrees to meet you at a set time during the day and gives you a meeting Performa to discuss with your child and bring along to the meeting. We will be reviewing this system with parents later on in the school year. Sign up boards for Parent’s consultations will be available from Monday 1st February.

School Meals

We are currently experiencing problems at lunchtime with either having too much food left over and having to throw it  away or running out and having to adjust the menus to accommodate the additional children. The school kitchen needs to know in advance how many children they are cooking for each day. Even if your child is entitled to a free meal we still need to know if they are planning on having the meal. A form will be sent out to find out what the situation is with each child. Please fill it in and return it as soon as possible so that we can see why this situation is occurring and remedy it. Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Attendance News

At the end of last term I was delighted to award 47 100% attendance certificates to boys and girls across the school. Our year 4 class celebrated receiving the most with a total of 13 children being at school every day for the whole term.  Our overall school attendance rate is currently 96.3% which is acceptable but still puts us as poor against many other schools. Nationally the average attendance rate seems to be increasing!

Number Day - Friday 5th February

This year we will be supporting the NSPCC again by taking part in National Number Day.

The NSPCC stands for The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It is the UK's leading charity specialising in child protection and the prevention of cruelty to children. They have been directly involved in protecting children and campaigning on their behalf since 1884. They also work providing support and advice to families.

Number Day provides an opportunity for the children to have fun with maths and improve their numeracy skills at the same time as raising funds for the NSPCC’s full stop campaign. This is a long term campaign to end cruelty to children.

In school the children will spend the day investigating and exploring numbers.

What to wear on Number Day!

You can wear any clothing with a number on it. Maybe you can make your own number outfit!
As part of the fun we are counting the day as NON-UNIFORM day and asking children to make a contribution not to wear school uniform of 50p+. The money raised will all go to support the work of the NSPCC. 

Last year’s Number Day challenge was called Domino Dogs. Many of the children have asked for us to repeat the event as they enjoyed doing the maths challenge so much.

The importance of reading!

Thank you to everyone that helped with the Christmas fair by either helping with a stall, making a Jolly Jar, bringing something in to sell, helping to clear up at the end or coming and making it such a fun event. A special thank you to all the Northolt Leisure Centre and some local shops that supported by donating raffle prizes. The fair made just over £500 in total. We received 115 Jolly jars. They were amazing. The Jolly Jar competition was very difficult to judge as there were so many amazing entries. Children will be told the winners on Friday.

What difference can you make as a parent?

The short answer is: a lot! Parents are by far the most important educators in a child’s life and it’s never too young for a child to start, even if you’re only reading with your child for a few minutes a day. Make sure that your child is familiar with language and books so that they can see how enjoyable reading is.  Some of the things you can do include:

  • Reading aloud to your child, talking about the words and pictures, and sharing ideas about the book
  • Reading yourself: Children who see adults reading, and enjoying reading, are much more likely to want to read themselves
  • Making sure your child is surrounded by books: You don't need hundreds of books at home, but make regular trips to the library, not just to borrow books but to spend time together browsing and learning to make choices. In this way, reading becomes a habit.

To support reading in school we make sure that it is an everyday activity both through whole class lessons and small focus groups. We invest in a large range of high quality texts. We work to develop children’s love of books and reading.

New this term to support children developing a love of reading we are going to;

  • Arrange a book swapping event;
  • Join in with the FRED project `Father’s Reading Every Day’ developed by The Institute of Fatherhood’. More information to follow!
  • Celebrate World Book Day;
  • Learn about the classic tale `Wind in the Willows’.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs every day from 8.00 am until the gates open at 8.40 am. It costs £1 a day and places must be booked the day before via the school office. There are not always places available every day so please make sure you check the day before.

Dates for your diary

Friday 5th FebruaryNSPCC Number day. Children are invited to make a contribution to the NSPCC Number Day to Stop Child Cruelty’ campaign and wear a number related costume for the day. During the day all classes will undertake a number challenge!

Tuesday 9th February -  Internet Safety Day. `Play your part in a better internet’. We will be running two sessions to inform and support parents regarding keeping your child safe on line. 9 – 9.30 and repeated again at 2.45 – 3.15. on Internet Safety Day.

Parent Consultation Evenings: Tuesday 9th February at 3.45 to 5.30pm or Thursday 11th February at 4.30 to 7.00 pm

Friday 12th February – Last day of Half-Term

Monday 22nd February - First day of New Half Term

Friday 4th March – World Book Day Celebrated in School: All children will be encouraged to think about a character from a story that they could come as and tell us about.

Friday 18th March – Sports Relief Day: Children should come in a sports kit for the day. Children will join in sporting challenges during the day. We are also investigating if we can arrange to have the Sport Relief Mile run again by the children. Watch this space!.

Thursday 24th March – Last Day of Term

Tuesday 12th April – First Day of Summer Term

Class assemblies

Classes Reception to 5 will all deliver a class assembly this term to the school and their parents and friends.

  • Friday 22nd January  Year 5
  • Friday 29th January  Year 3
  • Friday 12th February  Year 4
  • Friday 26th February Year 1
  • Friday 11th March  Year 2
  • Thursday 24th March  Reception

All assemblies will start at 9.15 am

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