Newsletter October 2017
18 Oct 2017

Holiday Project October 2017 Y1-6

Have a look at this painting by Peter Paul Rubens. It was painted in 1636 and is called An Autumn Landscape with a view of Het Steen.

The actual painting is very large and can be viewed at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square or online:

Please talk to the people at home about the painting and decide together about what you might like to do. You could:

  • make a project about another autumn scene.
  • write a story about what the people in the painting are doing
  • find out about the manor house in the painting
  • research about Peter Paul Ruben
  • or present your project with your own ideas.

Only the projects that are presented to a good enough standard will be part of the exhibition. We expect that all children will be able to present their projects

The projects will be exhibited in the hall on Monday 6th November. 

We expect 100% of our children to participate in this project.

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