Personal, Social Health and Economic Education

PSHE (Personal, social, health and economic education) is a non-statutory curriculum subject that is taught across the school. There are no standardised frameworks or national programmes of study. Children in the early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) follow the requirements within the EYFS curriculum. Years 1-6 use the PSHE Education, Citizenship and SEAL scheme of work for Ealing primary schools. PSHE is a planned, developmental programme of learning designed to help learners develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make informed decisions and to manage their lives, now and in the future. By the time children leave in Year 6 we want all our pupils to have learnt the skills needed in order to become critical thinkers to be able help themselves in various social situations enabling them to become responsible members of society.

Our teaching aims to enable children to:

  • know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle e.g. the benefits of physical activity, rest, healthy eating and dental health;.
  • be aware of safety issues (including road safety, the correct use of medicines and online safety);
  • understand what makes for good relationships with others;
  • have respect for others;
  • be an independent and responsible member of our school community;
  • develop self-confidence and self-esteem enabling them to make informed choices;
  • be positive and active members of the wider community e.g. what improves and harms their local environment

PSHE is taught weekly usually by the class teacher through a range of learning styles which include: circle time, group discussions, drama, problem solving and stories. It is also taught through other curriculum areas e.g. science and ICT and within the whole school ethos. There are sometimes occasions where teachers may feel it necessary to teach PSHE as a result of an issue that arisen in their own class

The curriculum content within the Ealing scheme of work has been divided into topics within the year groups for each academic half term. This is a two year curriculum cycle (A and B) covering various themes under PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) and Citizenship. The scheme is based on a teaching slot of 30-40 minutes per week. Year1&2, follow the same units of work as do Year3&4 and Year 5&6. This academic year i.e. 2016/17 we are following Cycle B. (see the link at the bottom of thr page) The themes for Cycles A and B are the same for all year groups they have been developed to suit the age range. It is not expected that all activities are undertaken as the SEAL component of PSHE remains at the core of our teaching and some modifications to the original scheme have been made to reflect this. Teachers are able to use the scheme flexibly to meet the needs of their current class.

Further information about the scheme of work can be found on the Ealing Grid for Learning (EGFL)

The B cycle mentioned can be viewed by clicking here.The document is in pdf format and may not be viewable on all devices.



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