Newsletter October 2016
31 Oct 2016

School Development Plan

In school we are always looking at how well we are doing and looking for ways to improve in all areas of our work. We had been warned that the new curriculum and related end of stage tests were going to be a lot harder than previous years. Although the data is still unvalidated it does appear that all of the results have dropped as the children found the questions harder to answer and complete in the time allowed. Our data is showing us that the biggest difference is in the expectations of the English curriculum for reading. So reading is the curriculum area that we are working on over the course of this academic year across the whole school.

Secondly we will be working to develop our assessment processes further. We have already started this, this term with the marking of writing. We are now always including a feedback comment for the children to improve that piece of work along with letting them know an item they have done well in.

The development plan is also going to include a section on the Early Years to help children that enter Petts Hill make greater progress in those first two years especially focusing on communication and literacy. Our Speech and Language Therapist will be supporting this work.

Finally the work of our governors will remain in the development plan. Last year we were fortunate to appoint two new governors to replace two that had been governors for a number of years. We now still require to enrol two parent governors. Please think carefully about volunteering to support the school in this way.  


This year we are focusing on reading and we have already been working hard. Four children from years 1 to 6 have been chosen to be reading ambassadors and they will be promoting reading in the class and throughout the school. The staff have been adapting the way we teach our guided reading sessions, putting a greater emphasis on talking about books and writing answers to questions that require the children to find evidence in the text. We are in the process of buying new books for our reading areas and ensuring that reading is encouraged and enjoyed as much as possible. The holiday projects this year have been linked to Roald Dahl books in celebration of his 100 years. This holiday we have asked every child to make a project about the BFG; we hope you enjoy it and look forward to the exhibition in the school hall on Monday 7th November. We want our children to enjoy reading for pleasure and not just for their school work. We will be looking at different ways that we can develop that.

How can you help? Make sure that you have some quiet time with your children to listen to them read their reading book and talk to them about what they are reading. Make sure that your children see you reading at home - it might be a book, newspaper, magazine, recipe etc. Teach your children to treasure books by looking after them and keeping them in a safe place. Enjoy reading together - ask your teacher if you need a book recommendation.

We are planning several sessions for parents so that you can share the learning your children are doing and get some advice about ways to develop reading at home.

New Caretaker

Some of you will be aware that Mrs Morgan our substantive caretaker has been off sick for quite a long time now. Caretaking in the school recently has been carried out by Mr Terry who has worked hard to support the school in keeping safe, clean and tidy. As from Monday 31st October we have a new caretaker Mr Moss. Please bear with us as he finds his feet into what is a difficult job with so many things to remember! My thanks go to Mr Terry who has stayed on until we were able to find a replacement. It will take Mr Moss quite a while to get to know you all but please do introduce yourselves and speak to him welcoming him to Petts Hill when you see him.

Parent Governors Wanted

Both parent governor positions on the governing body are now vacant.  If you are interested and want to know more please make an appointment to see me, the headteacher, via the school office. You can find out more on Ealing’s website.
Parent governors play a vital role representing the parent body on the governing body. Training and support is available.

Black History Month

For Black History Month this year we have looked at a range of successful black people who have achieved a first for their particular field. We have reminded children of some familiar faces in thinking about the lives of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi.

Following the Rio Olympics we looked at Mo Farah’s journey and hard work that brought him Olympic success along with a Paralympian Kadeena Cox, the first black British athlete to get medals in two different events at the same games. Finally we have celebrated the successes of a young man who is currently performing as the young Simba in the Lion King in The West End.

Dates for your Diary.

Monday 31st October: First day of school after half term

Wednesday 2nd November: Tooth brushing project started a year ago today!

All children at Petts Hill are taught to clean their teeth. They all do this daily during the afternoon as part of our work supporting them to develop and maintain good health and care skills. This is part of our work towards attaining the London Healthy School Gold Award.

Friday 4th November: School Photograph Day

All children in the school will be photographed individually and with their brothers and sisters who attend school. We are trialling out a new photographer this school year. Their pictures look good and they are going to work out cheaper for parents to buy. You will receive a proof copy of the photographs during the following week. If you do not want your child to have their photograph taken please let the school office know.

Monday 7th November: Holiday Projects displayed in the School Hall 3.15 – 3.45pm.

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) collects dreams for children and stores them in his dream jars. We would like your project to be a dream jar. You need to think about your dreams and ambitions. What would you like to do? What would you like to learn? Where would you like to go? What would you like to be?

Monday 7th – 11th November: National Nursery Rhyme Week

Children in our Nursery and Reception classes will be celebrating National Nursery Rhyme week by learning and performing new and old nursery rhymes

Monday 14th to Friday 18th November: National Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year.

This year the tag line is ‘The power of good’. We will explore with the children ways in which they are powerful, encouraging individual and collective action to stop bullying and create a better world. We will reflect with the children on the difference they can make.

Wednesday 21st December at 3.15pm: Last day of term.



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