Newsletter May 2017
25 May 2017

Parents’ coffee morning

Gwendolyn, our Place2Be project manager, and Ms Bovell, our Parent Support Advisor, have run two successful coffee mornings for parents this term. Parents that attended commented on how helpful it was to talk to other parents and discover they had similar issues and could help each other by sharing ideas. I have been asked to advertise the next one in my newsletter to ensure that more parent know about it. The next meeting is being held on Thursday 8th June at 9am. Parents fed back on a range of topics they would like to discuss at future meetings. The most popular topic was ‘boundaries and discipline’ which will be the starting topic for this meeting. If you are able to come please let the school office know so that Gwendolyn has an idea of numbers.

Keeping children safe

Protection from the sun. Now we have some sunny weather, please remember the ways of keeping your children safe in the sun whilst at school.

  1. Send them to school wearing a hat that has a brim or peak.
  2. Always put on sun screen factor 15+ before sending them to school on sunny days.
  3. Teach them to put on sun screen themselves so they can put it on themselves whilst at school.
  4. Bring a sports top water bottle to school so that they can drink more water.

Everyone Writes

Writing is a key skill that we want all children to be proficient and effective with before they leave Petts Hill. To develop writing we continue to run whole school writing projects called ‘Everyone Writes’. This term’s project has been taken from a short animated film about a sandpiper. The common sandpiper is a small wader bird. Waders are birds commonly found along shorelines and mudflats that wade in order to forage for food (such as insects or crustaceans) in the mud or sand.

The children have watched the film and discussed and sequenced the events using a series of pictures.

They have been introduced to specific vocabulary related to the setting on a beach or older children would have maybe used the term coastline. Children will have been encouraged to think carefully about which words they could use to describe each picture frame; so when the little baby bird (called Piper) is drenchedby a big wave; children might have written that he was wet whereas others will have thought about what vocabulary would convey greater meaning to how wet the bird had become and used words such as sodden or soaked.

Please use this as an opportunity to talk to your child about their writing and the story of Piper the little bird, ask them about what they have written and which good vocabulary choices they have made and why.You may also ask them how they have been getting on with their writing target that was shared with you at Parents’ Evening.

Look out for the holiday project linked to this!

Get a good start to the school day by:

  • Arriving early in the playground so that you have plenty of time to say goodbye to your child.
  • Stay with your child until you see them go into their class.
  • Remember that the bell goes at 8.50 am

Behaviour Update

In school through assemblies and classroom lessons we have been following a topic called Relationships.  The children have been asked to think about all the different types of people they have a relationship with. This includes all their relatives as well as family friends, members of school staff, other children in school and their own particular class and friends. We have looked at how these relationships can be strained through poor behaviour and the choices that people make to develop positive relationships. This has also been linked to our ongoing ‘Kindness Award’ project.

To support good behaviour, in assemblies we have taught the children about the sorts of games they can play with their friends that help to strengthen relationships as children have fun playing together. They have been reminded of games to play. These included games with and without equipment. Some of the games you might remember from your school days such as skipping games and ‘French Elastics’. Maybe you used to enjoy a game that you could teach your child to play with their friends in school.

Linked into this we have also just completed a review of our Behaviour Policy which we routinely do every two years. The policy gives guidance to staff in developing good behaviour for learning and supports them in having a framework to deal with situations where children require additional support to behave in an acceptable manner. The only alteration that has been made is a statement of expectation adding the phrase – ‘We expect all children to follow adults’ instructions at all times.’  The revised policy can be seen on our website

Our three school rules remain unchanged and the vast majority of children follow then at all times making for a well behaved happy school. Thank you all for your continued support in achieving this.

Dates for your Diary

Friday 26th May: last day of half-term

Monday 29th May: Friday 2nd June: School closed for half-term holiday

Monday 5th June: school back. Reminder School lunches can only be purchased on-line in advance.

Thursday 8th June: Place2Be Coffee Morning

Thursday 22nd June: New Reception Parent Meeting, School Hall 9am

Thursday 29h June: Governing Body Meeting

Friday 30th June: Summer Fair 3:30 – 5pm. We need lots of parents to help with this event for it to happen. Please let the school office know if you are able to help or your child’s class teacher ASAP.

Wednesday 5th July: Open Evening. Come and collect your child’s report, meet the class teacher and the teacher they will have next year, see your child’s work and work around the school. Fill in our parent survey and let us know what we can improve on in 2017 – 2018.

Thursday 6th July: Children’s University. Graduation at Brunel University. Children in KS2 have been given the opportunity to record their out of school learning and earn credits towards bronze, silver and gold awards.

Summer Term Concerts

  • Lower Team Concert (Nursery to Year 2): Tuesday 11th July at 2.15pm: Wednesday 12th July at 9.15 am
  • Upper Team Concert (Year 3 to Year 6): Thursday 13th July at 9.15 am: Thursday 13th July at 7.00 pm

Tickets for these events will be available nearer the time.

Thursday 20th July: Summer Term, last day

Wednesday 6th September: Start of new school year 2017 - 2018

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