Newsletter May 2015
22 May 2015

Sports report

On Wednesday 29th April 2015 we joined in with 14 other Ealing schools to attend the annual Willow Tree Sports Partnership Willow Tree Year 5/6 Quadkids Athletics competition at Perivale Track.

The competition saw teams split into four groups with all young athletes competing in 75m sprint, 600m race, standing long jump and Vortex howler javelin throw. The schools competing were St. Vincent’s, Wood End, Petts Hill, St. Mark’s, Christ the Saviour, Gifford, St. John Fisher and Viking.

Athletes competed as part of a school team collecting points in each event which were added to their overall team total. Individual athletes were also rewarded for demonstrating the most passion at each station by giving 100% effort and persevering when things became difficult. This was especially evident in the early stages when athletes had to battle against the wind and rain.

We are very proud of the achievement of one of our Year 6 students who was singled out for his leadership and coaching skills by two event organisers. Even when a team member had not done well at an event he nurtured and encouraged them to have a further attempt.

Upper Team Leader

We have been without an upper team leader since Mrs Flewitt left us in July. I am pleased to let parents know that the new Upper Team Leader is Mrs Hurley who currently teaches in year 6. The upper team leader normally deals with most of the day to day running of the team and is the first port of call for Upper Team issues before issues go to the deputy or headteacher. Ms Makins is the leader of the Lower Team and is the first port of call for Lower team issues.

Holiday Learning Project

This holiday we are continuing with our theme of ‘All about books’. We are asking the children to make their own story book. It could be a book about anything they like. Maybe they could write a short story to go into their class library or read to a younger brother or sister. Perhaps they could retell a favourite story with a twist of their own!

As usual projects can be completed in anyway the child wishes and we would like to see the finished book. A holiday flyer will be sent home to give the children and families some more ideas.

Let’s Get Out and About

Along with this newsletter you should have also received a holiday flyer from our Extended Schools Team packed with lots of ideas for you to try over the half –term break. Quite a few of the activities listed are free and remember all children under 11 can travel for FREE on buses and on the tube if accompanied by a fair paying adult.

Ealing Schools Spring Concert

Many children in year 4 joined in with our school choir to participate with choirs from Fielding, Edward Bethan, North, Stanhope and Mayfield Primary School on Wednesday 20st May. It was a fantastic evening and as ever the children of Petts Hill were a credit to us all. They had worked hard to learn a large repertoire of songs and performed them beautifully. Well done to the choir and a big thank you to all the parents, family and friends that accompanied us to St Barnabas to hear them.

Keeping children safe - Protection from the sun.

Hopefully we will soon have some sunny weather, if we do please remember the ways of keeping your children safe in the sun whilst at school.

  1. Send them to school wearing a hat that     has a brim or peak.
  2. Always put on sun screen factor 15+ before sending them to school on sunny days.
  3. Teach them to put on sun screen themselves so they can put it on themselves whilst at school.
  4. Bring a sports top water bottle to school so that they can get lots of water


PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education. PSHE covers a range of subjects including  Relationship and sex education (RSE); drugs, alcohol and tobacco education; peer pressure; hygiene; healthy eating, e-safety and anti-bullying education.

PSHE provides children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to actively participate in society as informed, responsible and critical citizens.

As children grow and develop it is important that we prepare them so that they have an understanding of changes that are happening to them. These changes can both be physical and emotional.  We teach children to be able to recognise and react to different emotions, understand the importance of friendship and about relationships such as marriage and family life. P.S.H.E runs alongside the science curriculum with the science giving children the scientific facts about life and P.S.H.E helping children to understand the emotional side of it. During the second half of the summer term in P.S.H.E children cover the topic ‘Changes’ , this topic spreads from the changes that happen in school as children move up a year group and our Year 6s move on to high school and the emotions that go alongside this.

In science children learn about the following:

5-7 years old (KS1)

  • how to recognise similarities and differences, and to treat others with sensitivity;
  • know that animals and humans reproduce, and how their offspring grow into adults;
  • how to recognise external parts of both the male and female human body.

7-11 years old (KS2)

  • learning about the growth and reproduction processes common to humans and other animals;
  • stages of the human life cycle.

Part of the P.S.H.E curriculum this term in years 5 &  6 only also covers the RSE element which supports the compulsory science curriculum giving the children an opportunity to discuss the knowledge they have gained in safe situations and learn about the emotional side. A copy of the RSE curriculum is available from the school office or on the school website.

Parents do have a right to withdraw their children from RSE part of the work on changes but not the compulsory science elements.  This must be done in writing to the Headteacher by Friday 5th June for 2015.

Dates for your Diary

Monday 1st June – school back

Monday 8th June – Holiday projects displayed in school hall

Thursday 11th June - Governing Body Meeting

Summer Fair – Friday 26th June… - if we get enough people to help. Help still needed if this is to go ahead! 3.30 – 5.00pm

Thursday 9th July - Open Evening; Come and collect your child’s report, meet the class teacher and the teacher they will have next year, see your child’s work and work around the school. Fill in our parent survey and let us know what we can improve on in 2015 – 2016 with our parent questionnaire.

Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th July; Lower Team Concerts (Nursery to Year 2) - Tuesday 14th July at 2.15pm; Wednesday 15th July at 9.15 am

Thursday 16th July – Upper team concerts (Year 3 to Year 6) - Thursday 16th July at 9.15 am; Thursday 16th July at 7.00 pm

Friday 17th July – Summer Term, last day

Start of new school year 2015 - 2016; Thursday 3rd September


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