KS2 Results



We aim for as many pupils as possible to meet age-related expectations based on the National Curriculum by the end of each year group. Many pupils will meet these expectations during the school year and will start to apply their learning in different ways to work at greater depth.


Every child is unique, each with their own abilities. We track progress from each pupil's starting point advising parents at regular intervals where their children are and what their next learning steps are. In our end of year written reports we advise parents where their children are working: At, Above or Towards Expected new standards for that particular year group.


National Curriculum assessment usually refers to the statutory assessments carried out in primary schools in England, colloquially known as SATs. The assessments are made up of a combination of testing and teacher assessment judgements, and are used in all government-funded primary schools in England to assess the attainment of pupils against the programmes of study of the National Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 2, when most pupils are aged 11.

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